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Imposters Among Us

­I have a secret. And this is just between us. Sometimes I feel like an imposter. Sometimes I feel like all the success I’ve had as a graphic designer and an entrepreneur has all been based on luck, and my luck’s about to run out. The whole world is about to realize how awful I Read more…

Why I Love Creative Entrepreneurs (and Helping Them Succeed)

Next week I’m heading to Altitude Summit Winter 2016. It really got me thinking about how much I love creative entrepreneurs. I’m so inspired by the person who creates not only their own business, but a business that is itself deeply rooted in and committed to creativity. On a not insignigicant level, all entrepreneurs are Read more…

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Tardigrades in the Rabbit Hole

A good exhibit presents enough (accurate) information and context about a subject to provoke the audience into making a connection or taking action. Often when I’m designing exhibits, I come across something that inspires me to investigate further. And before I know it, I’m falling down the rabbit hole. This is how I recently came Read more…

rontier Justice: On this site, Bridgeport's most sensational court trial occurred June 9th, 1891. Ah Quong Tai, a local chinese businessman accused of the cannibalistic murder of Poker Tom, a well known Paiute Indian, appeared in court defended by two attorneys, J.C. Murphy and W.O. Parker. Reportedly, several hundred people gathered around the Bridgeport Justice Court to observe this much anticipated trial. Although Deputy District Attorney Hayes made a strong case, Judge T. Fales ruled there was insufficient evidence to charge Tai with murder due to lack of witnesses, physical evidence and the body could not be identified. As Tai was being released, he met his fate. Ironically no charges were filed in the death of Tai due to the lack of evidence and the body could not be identified. Although this is only a foonote in California case law it is a noteworthy example of the 1800's frontier justice. Plaque dedicated September 12, 2009 Bodie Chapter No. 64 E Clampus Vitus

Frontier Justice

I stopped in the town of Bridgeport, California for lunch on my way to Bishop. Standing on the main drag and waiting for my sandwich, I came across this sensational plaque (and briefly lost my appetite). A businessman, Ah Quong Tai, allegedly murders and eats a beloved local named Poker Tom. Townspeople are outraged that Read more…

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Biking the Bay Bridge Interpretive Trail

One lovely bonus of running a business dedicated to exploration, adventure and communication design, is that I always have an excuse to leave the house and explore. Last Friday, I did just that. I rode my bike over to the Oakland side of the Bay Bridge. What did I find? Excellent views of the sparkling Read more…

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Exploring Oakland Museum of CA: Part 2

If you missed Part 1, go check it out here. Electronic Interactives Electronic interactive elements in exhibit work aren’t always all they’re cracked up to be. My general thoughts are: they are expensive they malfunction and repairs are expensive they become outdated as a visitor, getting the museum’s intended value from them can be time-consuming Read more…

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Exploring Oakland Museum of CA: Part 1

One year ago I moved from Salt Lake City, Utah, to Oakland, California. Having grown up in Utah, I am familiar with its flora, fauna, and natural and cultural history. I had never set foot in the Bay Area until the day we arrived to look for an apartment last year. I was excited and Read more…

Stefanie Borys Awkward Giggle

The First Blog Post and a Look Back

It’s been about seven years since I’ve contributed to the blogging world, and I’m excited to be back. The last time I blogged, I wrote about my first tattoo (the one I didn’t want my parents to know about) and the tattoo before that (when I was accidentally stabbed in kindergarten with a #2 pencil), Read more…